Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Book of Mormon Musical has ripped off our beloved EFY soundtracks

The soundtrack for the Book of Mormon Musical is available to listen on NPR here. After a quick listen it becomes obvious to any fan of the music from the Mormon Especially For Youth (EFY), that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have ripped off the latter.

Just compare the following. Can you figure out which is from EFY and which is from the new musical?

We Believe:

I Believe:


  1. If the follow-up videos mean anything, it seems that people who like the 2nd video might also like videos about how Mormons aren't Christians and how our founders were money-hungry sex-addicts.

  2. I so agree. I heard the "Believe" song from the muscical for the fist time the other day, and I had the very same thought. EFY all the way. I can't believe it has won all the awards it has. Who would have known? Here I grew up making fun of this kind of music. Too crazy.

    I must add, that the part of the musical that I saw (during the broadway awards televised) looked oddly similar to a youth roadshow--and the plot sounds random enough to be one as well--just with fewer f words.


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