Tuesday, November 11, 2003

so yeah...i changed (or am in the process of changing) my major to integrated philosophy and religious studies at uvsc. i'm very excited for this. i'm gonna finish my bachelors here and then go for some further degree's elsewhere. it would be fun to go back east to yale, notre dame, or another great philosophy school, so i really need to get my ass in gear and pick up my grades. also if i can scrounge up five grande, i'm gonna go to england in the summer to study religious based ethics and 'religion and violence'.

in february, my professors are hosting a mormon theology conference at uvsc. if my final term paper is good enough, i'm gonna submit it to the conference. potter said my last paper wasn't good enough to be submitted, but that if it was reworked it could be. i'd rather do something new though. i'm thinking of maybe writing a paper about god's use of religious myth in scripture and revelation; model's of faith in the lds community; or maybe about the enhanced worshipworthiness of a finite deity.

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