Saturday, December 06, 2003

holy crap, my ward's christmas activity was lame. well actually, every activity this ward (which is not many) have been lame. to be honest, i did have a fun time, but it was not because of the activity. it was because of the good friends i was with. like the thanksgiving activity, they did not have enough food. there was hardly anything planned at all. they didn't even bring bowls or spoons for the icecream. this ward seriouslt needs new leadership in for the activities. i think this largely the reason why the ward is so anti-social now.

i'm beginning to have a lot more fun here. there are people that i've found who are fun to hang out with. i wish i was more social when the semester began. megan would have enjoyed hanging out with all these people. its too bad that she doesn't want to be near me. i would almost be willing to back off by myself if it would make her feel more comfortable hanging out with everyone. haven't seen her for over a month. hope she is happy.

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