Sunday, January 25, 2004

allrighty...the pics from our cabin trip are in my photo album. that trip was hella fun. it sucked at first cuz right before we left, jenna found out that she couldn't go. and then as we were driving up there, i got us lost....again. last time i went up there, i missed the firt turn and my car ended up breaking down. good memories.... anyways, i got the first couple turns right, but then i got us lost. the only time i had driven up there was in the fall during the day. the place looks totally different in the night with tons of snow. it also didn't help that the snow plows only plowed certain streets, so i had to take a different path up there. it took over an hour to drive what should have been about five minutes. once we got there, everything was a blast. we had pizza and all sorts of yummies, played games, watched death to smoochy and talked till about 3am. in the morn we got up ate toast and eggs, cleaned up and left.

i was supposed to go clubbin last night, but my buddy mike never called me to tell me which club they were going ot be at. major bummer. i'm gonna call him later today verbally abuse him. i ended up watching dead poets society last night with jenna and then talked with her till abut 3. i am hella tired now, but i still have ward choir practice, a potluck at my apartment, and some studying to do. i'm sure i'll slip in a npa somewhere in there.

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