Thursday, January 08, 2004

the butterfly effect

went and saw a screener for this movie tonight and absolutely loved it. have you ever thought that if you could go back in time and fix just one thing in your life, that your life would be much better? the movie explores that very idea. i used to struggle with this at times. always thinking that things would be better if i could just go back and change one thing that i did. the past is the past though, and nothing can change that. all i can change is now and hope that the future follows what i hope for.

balancing my educational, economical, social, physical, and intellectual lives

i think i'm going to be swamped with school this semester. at the seame times, this is the first semester that i've felt i can actually get a 4.0. i don't wanna end up as a slave to school though. i need to balance my time for school, work, dating/friends, the gym, and reading. with my refellowshipment coming up in a month, i want to feel complete this semester in all the aspects of my life.

1st level generals

do professors need to treat us as if we are idiots in these 1st level classes? yes. i go to uvsc. many/most of the students in these classes are probably idiots. the professors say there are no stupid questions. i disagree. i hear stupid questions by the dozen each day in these classes.


went to lectures of faith. not impressed by the girls. gonna turn off the philosophy side of my brain and try a new testament class on monday.

kissing on a first date

not a good idea when she leaves the next day for winter vacation and you don't see her for a couple weeks. to be continued....

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