Tuesday, January 06, 2004

i love goin to the gym...well...i love coming home from the gym after working out. it's a nice feeling

school starts tomorrow as does institute. the question is: is the actual primary purpose of institute to meet girls or to learn about the gospel? cuz for the most part, i can't do both. it seems the classes that are open for a deeper discussion of the gospel tend to have fewer girls and the ones that the girls attend tend to have a pretty shallow forum of discussion. what should i do? i only have room for one class.

i'm tempted to take lectures on faith with hyde. i know he's a good instructor, but i also feel like i'll find myself with a differing opinion much of the time...and i'll want to share and explain that opinion. or i could take a new testament class that is sure to have girls and just suppress my opinion. leave me a comment with what i should do.

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