Friday, January 23, 2004

i'm shooting for a personal record for entries today...

today, a rep for the study abroad in england came over to my deductive logic class to promote it. i totally want to go. it' goes from early may to mid june. i'll be studying religion and violence with my favorite professor dennis potter and religious based ethics with my second fav proffessor, brian birch. i will also be doing some independant study as well. the trip to london includes a 4 day break in paris and a trip to belfast ireland to meet with an unofficial branch of the ira. in all, it'll cost about 5 thousand dollars. i should be able to get enough loans and aid to pay for it... i hope. the only thing holding me back is my best buddy and friend tory and melanie are getting married in mid-may. i really want to be there for that, but i think they'd understand. this could be my only opportunity to do a study abroad, cuz who knows what the future holds.
on wednesday there is an open-house for it where i'll be learning more about it. i'm stoked.

i have to say, that for the first time in a long time, i really enjoy going to school. it's fun again. i love what i am studying and found something that i want to do for a career. a part of me has always wanted to be a teacher, but i didn't know what i wanted to teach, and being a highschool teacher just didn't pay what i wanted to raise my future family. i got great help in realizing i needed to make the change. its too bad it happened this late, cuz now i need to fix my grades from the past year or so.

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