Wednesday, January 21, 2004

ok...well last night didn't turn out exactly as i expected. no celebrities and not too many girls. besides that, i had a blast. crystal method ended up spinning mixes instead of playing their own stuff, but they totally ripped the place up. there was not a single bad song the entire night and the crowd was going strong the whole time. well actually, before crystal method started, the crowd sucked and nobody would dance. it didn't help that the dj preceding crystal method was pathetic. i had a great time though and danced my butt off until 2 in the morning. which leaves me especially tired considering i didn't get home until almost 3 and had to wake up at 7 for classes. i got some fun pics of my friends and i though. i'll be going up to salt lake on saturday to do some more clubbing. it was about time i was able to get out doing that again.


apparantly somebody didn't like the photos in my photo album (and to be honest, i didn't like them either. i just threw them on to test the photo album capabilites of dreamweaver) i've swapped the pictures in the album with photos from last night. i still need to go through the pictures, remove the red-eye and delete a few of the redundant ones. the phots of me didn't end up looking to flattering

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