Wednesday, February 04, 2004

christina aguilera

yeah, it was fun hanging out with her in park city, she wanted me big time. i really didn't care for her though. she's a dirty whore. so i told her to get lost.

tory, mel, logan

tory wanted me to go to logan this weekend with him, but i really don't feel like driving up there myself and being a third wheel with the both of them. jenna has a birthday dinner with her grandma on friday so she can't go, and megan just doesn't want to go. i'll prolly just say in town, go see a play friday night with jenna and hopefully go clubbing saturday night.


i'm doing great in my philosophy and religion classes. i aced my first logic exam on monday, and i think i'll do the same on my first deductive logic midterm next week. on the other hand, i bombed my first biology test last week with a nice 75%. it was just a bunch of definition memorizing, which i am not a big fan of. luckily, we get to drop our lowest exam. now that i know what the tests will be like, i'll know how to study for them better. i've got an astronomy test tomorrow which i have yet to study for. i shoul dhave plenty of time b4 the test to get some decent studying in though. in my philosophy and religion classes, i feel like i am in college, being challenged, and getting a good education. in my astronomy and biology classes, i feel like i'm in third grade with mr. garrison and mr. hat from south park. uggghhhhh. i guess this is what i get for playing around too much in high school

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