Thursday, February 26, 2004

the cross

something that has been on my mind since my mission which has been on my mind even more lately is the lds view of the cross and the crucifixion. what best represents this is a couple quotes from meridian magazine's letters to the editor.

"i believe our strength comes from the knowledge of what christ endured physically, emotionally, and spiritually in gethsemane--and then the resurrection and the joy and hope it brings into our lives."

"remember, the catholic symbol is christ on the cross. they focus on that symbol constantly. the protestants at least have the symbol of the empty cross, perhaps more signifying the resurrection. whereas we, as latter-day saints, don't use the cross at all because we do focus on the resurrection.(emphasis added)"

when did christ's physical suffering and crucifixion become so meaningless in popular lds doctrine? there are dozens and dozens of references to the physcal suffering, the cross, and death/crucifixion of christ in lds scriptures. yet today, many lds find the cross as something almost repulsive. what happened? have we lost the concept of the sacrificial lamb? christ's death was not just a phase between gethsemene and the empty tomb. his sacrifice was a necessary component of the atonement. read your book of mormon. it's practically in every chapter. yes, as latter-day saints, we do put more focus on the events in gethsemene because of the further insight we have recieved from modern revelations. this should in no way lesson the impact of the crucuifixion, but rather we should love that aspect of the atonement even more because of it. it wasn't just some guy who was beat and nailed to a cross to die. this was our god who took upon himself each of our sins and was beat and nailed to the cross to pay for each of our sins.

many christian's don't just wear crosses to remind them of the way jesus died, but they wear it for the same reason that many mormons have an iron rod on their keychain or a ctr ring. they wear it as a reminder that we are each to take up the cross. something that is mentioned not just a few times in our scriptures.

another thing

i like this quote from a person who is choosing to not watch the passion

"but i am seeing one thing that troubles me, and that is that some members seem to be taking a "holy" stance in declining the experience. i hope that those that choose to see the film are not judged less obedient, less faithful."

check out the rest of the letters to the editor. of some who fit that very thing.

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