Friday, February 06, 2004

gfs strikes again!

gfs (gay-friend-syndrome) is when you like a girl. she seems to like you back. she enjoys hanging out, comes over just to see you, and says how much she enjoys your company. the problem is that that is all that she sees you as. you are her gay friend. she likes you, but she doesn't like you. yeah, i got hit again.

sbgfs (super-best-gay-friend-sydrome). this has far worse symptoms. luckily i was diagnosed with gfs before it got any worse. sbgfs not only has all of the above symptoms, but this time she comes to you with all of her guy problems. she tells you who she likes and all that crap. not a good thing.

funny thing is, i'm not too sure if i even want any kind of serious relationship. in all reality, i don't. i guess there is just a bit of comfort when you start to like a girl and think that maybe she likes you back.

oh well...back to the drawing board

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