Tuesday, February 24, 2004

rated r

got in a nice little arguement after fhe last night about whether or not it is ok to see the passion. if somebody chooses to not watch rated r movies, that's fine with me. i do think they are missing out on some very uplifting movies, but that's there decision. what bugs me is when they phrase their decision to not watch any rated r movies as a "i don't because i am righteous and do what is right" which implies that i am unrighteous in my decision and choosing to do what is wrong. i then jump up on my soapbox and tell them how i feel which pisses everyone off.

in a deseret news article, robert millet (head of the religion department at byu) tells why he feels that watching this movie is not only ok, but something he should do. the article also say that some other lds leaders will be watching it with him, but does not say who.

so yeah, last night seven us went to pick up tickets for tomorrow night's show. i'll write up my thoughts after seeing it.

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