Sunday, February 15, 2004

saturday night at area 51

last night turned out to be a blast. we first went to club six, but they had some ultimate fighting going on upstairs, so the place was kind of empty. plus, it was a hip-hop club and mary was the only girl in our group, so with us other 4 guys, we wanted to go somewhere with some techno and break-beats. we ended up at the good ol' area 51. the last time i was there was a year ago with jeff. it was such a nice release. i swear, there is nothing better to get rid of stress and all that other crap that builds up in your head than taking it to the dance floor. anways, i took some pics...check them out here.

community of christ

for my western religions class, i attended the community of christ (the former reorganized church of jesus christ of latter-day saints). it was kinda fun. there were only 10 people in their congregation. 4 couples who all had to be over 70 and 2 youngs girls maybe 6 and 8 years old (who looked extremely bored). luckily, chelan came with me. she helped me feel not so isolated. (it helps that she's really cute too). so yeah, they were very friendly and humble. the elder who did the sermon was obviously a lay fellow, but he did a pretty good job. the meeting was definately different. the funny thing was that when we were singing hymns, chelan and i sang better than all of them...and we had never sang or heard any of these songs before. they were almost two measures off from the music at times. the elder, in his sermon, even joked about how bad their singing was. another thing that i found was interesting was that contra the rumors i heard about them disbelieving the book of mormon, the elder spoke of christ visiting the americas as an actual event.

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