Sunday, February 22, 2004

shi** happens

a friend of mine was pretty down tonight because she just found out that her aunt was going to die of cancer by may. i took her our for a drive so that she could talk to me and vent out some of her feelings. she is trying to cope with it by believing that all the crap that happens in the world is allowed to happen for our own good. that god only allows evils if they produce a greater good.

that doesn't work for me. i have more of a sh** happens attidude. bad things just happed. some things are in my control. others are not. they are in control of other persons, nature, laws, and even god. if it's out of my control, there is no point in fretting about it or trying to figure out it's purpose. it in itself may have had no purpose. it just happened. god is not out of the picture though. he is there to pick us up. to help us recover from whatever hits us. he is hurt as he has to sit back and watch sh** happen, but he does what he can to turn that sh** to gold. this is not an ecuse to let evils happen. if it's in my control, it's my moral duty to do whatever i can to prevent them.

i still struggle with holding this attitude all of the time. i still let things put me down, but i guess that's just human.

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