Tuesday, February 03, 2004

well...this blasted cold is still bugging me. on the bright side, i didn't go to class today because of my sick status and had the opportunity to sit on the couch and watch byu's devotional. i have to say that i thoroughly enjoyed it. he spoke about something that i have ranted on several times in this blog of mine...helping the poor. i'm not going to rant on about it too much right now, but the scriptures clearly say that we are to be giving our excess to the poor, that if we know someone is suffering, it is our moral obligation to give to that person until have have no more to give. am i hypocritical? yes i am. i can and should be giving more. i use the excuse that i have debt i need to pay off, but i still find myself going out to eat, buying dvds, and spending my money elsewhere on simple luxuries. last december, i prolly donated about a total of over a hundred dollars to different things and it felt good. the highlight of my christmas was spending forty dollars in books at barnes and noble to donate to needy children. how much joy has my last pint of ben & jerry's icecream given me? did i feel this good buying myself a few dvds?

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