Sunday, March 28, 2004

why i believe


it looks like my blog got a special visitor earlier tonight. here are a couple quotes from an e-mail he sent me today that i found quite funny.

"okay, i dont know if i am very `legal` to to check out your site, but i did anyways, what are they going to do, send me home?"

"its kind of funny. before the mission, I thought of you as a pretty wayward member"

wow. and there i was thinking i was a great example to my little brother...

why i believe

i felt like sharing what and why i believe in a non-philosophical way tonight. i dunno why. just because.

the book of mormon is scripture. i don't how historical it is. to me, that doesn't matter. it came from god. whenever i read from it (which i need to do more often), i learn something. it's as if the words speak to me personally. guidance. reassurance. comfort. condemnation. it's all there when i need it.

joseph smith was a prophet of god. how wonderful is the gospel that he restored! there is so much to it. simple enough for the child to understand, yet deep and challenging others. the teachings of family, marital unity, the nature of god, the nature of man, and so much more are so beautiful and powerful.

i am a child of god. sure, our physical bodies might have evolved from lower life forms, but we are so much more than our bodies. we are unique from all other animals. i have a spirit. i can reason. i am divine by nature and have the potential to be like my heavenly father.

jesus is my savior. he suffered physically and spiritually for me. he took upon my sins. all that crap that i have done, he placed those on himself and suffered the penalties for me. because of him, i will live again. because of him, i can be clean. because of him, i can have a marriage and family that extends the eternities.

how do i know this? it's not from some logical equation. i know it because there is something beyond my initital five senses that tell me it is true. it's more than just a feeling. it's a sense of knowing. when i read the scriptures, i know they come from god. when i pray, i know he is listening. when i repent, i know i am being cleansed. i can't explain how it all works, i just know that it does.

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