Tuesday, March 30, 2004

a little bit of never-never land

just got back from toilet papering our bishopric's houses. it was a fun renewel of my youth, but once again i was dissapointed in the turn-out from this ward. hell, when we did this a couple years ago, we were trying to keep it to just a half-dozen of us and we had like 17 show up. tonight we had only 10 people go and 2 of them don't even live at the crestwood. i understand if people were tired. it was late and that's a fine excuse, but when people don't want to go because it's too juvenile or it's not their thing, then they can just suck my balls. none of my roommates even went. tom said he was tired, i don't know where logan went, and jake is just a pussy when it comes to anything. i need to talk the few fun people left here into moving out with me. off course it's juvenile! we're in college. we're single. live while you can.

i took plenty pics, but they turned out really dark. we're gonna see if we can touch them up and brighten them at all. i'll post 'em as soon as we do.

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