Saturday, March 06, 2004

a 'mormon' movie to be proud of?

went to a private screening of saints and soldiers last night. this is the first lds film that is really a quality film. it's a story of a few soldiers in world war ii who escape a massacre and are trying to get to a us troop to give them some crucial information. definately go see this movie when it comes out this summer or fall. it was filmed with just $750,000 and has won 14 independant film festivals.

while it is a 'mormon' film, there is very little mormon about it. the main character is easily picked out by lds people to be mormon, but i doubt most anyone else would see him as that. the word 'mormon' is never used, nor is any other mormonese word. it kind of reminded me of richard winters character on band of brothers where he doesn't drink and the other soldiers are left trying to figure out why.

the ironic thing is, this wsa written, directed, produced, and (mostly) acted by lds actors, but the mpaa gave them an 'r' rating which was totally undeserved. what little faith i had in the rating system just went down the drain last night. they are trying to get the rating reduced, but said they will not cut anything out. it was easily a pg-13 movie. if some lds wll still refuse to see this movie because of it's rating, that would be extremely unfortunate, because this movie has absolutely nothing offensive, too violent, vulgar, or gratuitous and i would take almost any child to see it.

it will be very interesting to see how the happy valley community reacts to this movie and it's rating.