Wednesday, March 24, 2004

not needed

stopped by the provo soup kitchen today, but fortunately they don't need my help. i say fortunate for two reasons. one, it means that they have plenty of volunteers. two, they don't have volunteer opportunities that i was hoping they would have, such as reading with kids and stufs. they did refer me to the united way of utah county which has many opportunities to mentor, read with, and tutor children which is something i'm sure i'd enjoy.

no more song for the week

i checked out my blog and realized that the song's quality was really jacked up when i tried to make it streaming. so at least for this week, there will be no song. cartman will remain though. i know some of you find the music annoying, what about the rest of you? comment let me know if i should keep it or rid it.

levi quinton ericson

i got to bed at two last night and was woken by my brother at four becuz my sis-in-law was going into labor and they needed me to watch my nephew koji as my new nephew was coming into the world. levi quinton ericson was born a healthy 7 pounds and 12 ounces at 8:29 this morning. i'll post some pics of him as soon as i get some.

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