Sunday, March 21, 2004


i forgot to write something yesterday. here's a little recap of some of my thoughts yesterday before i get back to finishing my talk for sacrament meeting today.

ward activity

went and saw testaments as a ward activity. yeah, i cried a little again. it's a great movie and does a wonderful job at helping you realize the love that the savior has for all of us individually.

our ward turnout was pathetic though. we are actually having ward activities, but nobody is coming to them. i had just seen testaments a couple months ago with jenna, so i wasn't in the most excited to go see it again, but i went to support the ward. another confirmation that it is time for me to move elsewhere.


mmmmmm..... found some more sushi buddies too.

taking lives

saw the angelina jolie, ethan hawke, keifer sutherland flick. it was a fun movie, but left a lot of unanswered questions and loos ends.

back to finishing my talk...

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