Wednesday, April 07, 2004



i really felt like i needed to read my patriarchal blessing tonight, but i couldn't find it anywhere. for some reason, these last few days have been kind of a rut for me (i'm not sure why. everything, for the most part, is going great). my dad has a copy of my blessing on his computer, so i figured it would be nice to hop in my car, blast some music, and drive really fast to draper. i dunno what it was, but i felt great and refreshed by the time i got there.

it was bound to happen sooner or later...

yeah, that's right. most of my friends are surprised that i haven't gotten any tickets when they are riding with me. i wasn't so lucky tonight. 93 mph in a 65. luckily the cop was nice and dropped it to 85 mph so that i can clear it off with some traffic school. it didn't bum me out at all though, for some reason it just refreshed me even more. i'll tell you one thing though. as soon as those lights start flashing behind you, the prayers start flying.

other good news

i had my 2nd interview today, and assumming i pass my drug test (which should happen now that i have been heroin-free for six months), i should be starting work with compusa on monday or tuesday. it's a relief to finally have a job again. i wonder if i'm still on seagull's payroll? i did my taxes tonight as well and it looks like i'll be getting six hundred dollars refunded to me this year. that'll be kind of nice.

things are going really good for me. as i said above, i was kind of in a rut for a few days. i wasn't sure why, but i think it's all over now. perhaps it was the cloudy weather, or maybe sitting on my lazy but without a job finally caught up with me. hopefully the weather is better on saturday. i was telling koji about all the animals he is going to see at the zoo and he got so excited. he's gonna love it.

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