Sunday, May 30, 2004

cabin and birthday fun (edited)

went up to my parents cabin for my birthday friday night. it was a lot of fun. i think we had a total of 18 people there for it.


we played some silent football with some random dares. check out ths vids below.

(sorry, these had to be edited out cuz i had too many perverts coming here looking for pr0n)

good times

on the wrapping for the gift she got me (some books), megan wrote a long list of inside jokes and memories that the both of us have shared as we have known eachother the last year. she's seriously the most awesome, beautiful, and bestest friend ever.

walk with god

while my friends were watching a movie, i decided to step outside for a bit. the snowing had stopped and the clouds opened up to show the stars and the moon outside. every now and then, i like to be alone and pray/talk with god as if he were right next to me, listening and quietely responding. i think turning 25 kinda hit me funny. it wasn't the "i'm still single" thing that tends to hit guys out here when they get older. i really don't think about that. it'll happen when it happens and i don't think i'm ready for it to happen. for me it was more that i kinda felt like i haven't done a whole lot with my life lately, that i'm doing nothing. so i walked and talked with god for a half-hour or so. told him how i felt, where i struggled, and stufs. while walking back i had a strong feeling of how blessed i am right now in my life. the wonderful friends i have, my family, and everything else that surrounds me.

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