Monday, May 10, 2004

time to be a better brother

while hyrum and i were out talking with some girls tonight, i came to the realization that i've been a lousy brother lately. before bobby got home, i thought all my childish name calling and such would be over when he returned. not quite. it started right up when he got off the plane. i'm not sure why i'm doing it. chris and i never had this problem when i returned. perhaps it's my way to ensure my position as the alpha brother and he as the omega brother. perhaps i just enjoyed having him back so much that i returned to how we used to act with eachother. or maybe i've forgotten how it is to be a recently returned missionary trying to adapt with the real world again and have let myself become frustrated as he is trying to adapt (which is he doing far better than many rms i have known). whatever the reason is, i'm going to be a better big brother now.

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