Friday, June 04, 2004

much better...

feeling sorry for myself got rather boring... so i slapped myself in the face and said, "dammit loyd, smile!"

...and i smiled

emily had a pretty good excuse to cancel the date, so i decided to give it a chance and call this cute girl i met a couple weeks ago. i got her number back then, but i was warned that she was seriously dating someone. i figured if she says no, then she says no. if she says yes, then yippee. i got to take her to see harry potter tonight. she's pretty cool, but prolly not what you'd expect me to be interested in... on the conservative side (compared to me). she instantly recognized death cab for cutie playing in my car (she went to their concert too) and is a fan of 24. i think i'd like to take her out again.

1 comment:

  1. hey im glad that you had some fun you deserve it. and im also glad that you like death cab happy days. anyway keep smiling.


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