Sunday, June 27, 2004

notes from manti

went to the manti pageant friday night with my ward. i don't care a whole lot for the pageant (besides the volcano ;) ), but it's always fun to go with some friends. our ward rented a bus, but they left before i could get back from work (lacy missed it as well, so we ended up catching a ride with her roommate's brother and riding the bus back). as the pageant began, i had a few things on my mind that i wanted to write down, but having nothing to write with, i decided to text myself with my cell phone. here's what i wrote...

"Im different now. I FEEL my testimony again. It drives me. I want to be that much better now. I like it!"

"I don't know what i believe all the time. I don't know if all or if even some of it [the book of mormon] historically happened. I am leaning to some of it though. i do know that it comes from god. I love reading it. Each verse rings true and tells me how i should live. I feel so close to my savior when i read it. Hes done so much for me that i cannot do for myself. I want him to be proud of me."

thins with lacy have been up and down lately. one day she's all cuddly with me, the next day it's as if she wants to avoid me at all costs. reminds me of someone else... a route i don't wanna take again. i don't want anything serious. she's only here for another 6 weeks or so (bummer). i just want something consistent. she's a lot of fun and an awesome example.

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