Tuesday, July 20, 2004

fahrenheit 9/11

just finished watching fahrenheit 9/11. it's pretty interesting, but seems too more like anti-bush propaganda than a real documentary. while still undecided, i've been leaning more and more against the war in iraq and this pushed me more in that direction, though i don't really buy moore's view on why bush's reasons for attacking iraq. i found a site critiquing the film, but have only checked it out a little. like anything of this sort, the only way to get the full picture is to see both sides.

speaking of war.. i finished reflections on mormonism...well that book had nothing to do with war, but the new book that i'll be reading now is. i've gotta read it for my integrated studies course. war is a force that gives us meaning is supposed to be about man's need and desire for war to give him identity... or something like that


  1. bro, whether or not is an anti-bush movie, its the truth. We have another point of view down here.

  2. el macho!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wasn't around when you messgaed me the other day. the book i'm reading about right now, war is a force that gives us meaning, talks a lot about all the crap that went on (and is going on) in argentina.

    i take it that you've seen fahrenheit 9/11. what did you think? while the movie may not have any direct lies (though this is contested), it definitely is a very biased portrayl as to what is going on. i think the anti-bush rhetoric of the whoel movie makes it difficult to accept whole-heartedly.

  3. I agree with Loyd. The point of the movie would have been made much stronger if it hadn't been so sensationalized and obvioulsy biased. I went and saw it with 3 staunch liberals, and not even they could support it becuase it was SO over the top. In an effort to expose what was going on, and gain support it did just the reverse. It made them think that the anti-bush people were crazed and not want to be associated with psychos.


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