Saturday, July 31, 2004

favorite rated 'r' movies

anyways bob and logan have a post to gather votes on the best rated 'r' movies. i, being unoriginal, am going to do the same. here are my votes

fight club
dark city
donnie darko
the passion of the christ
band of brothers (un-rated, but would have been 'r')
black hawk down

send in your votes for your 10 favorite rated 'r' movies(even if you don't watch them anymore...maggie)


  1. Are those the canidates or just nominations? Am I supposed to pick just one? I think I pick Fight Club.

  2. Oh I feel so loved! You knew I wasn't going to vote. I would have to say that of the list you had I haven't really seen all that many, but I did really like memento. I guess that's my vote.

  3. no... you got it all wrong. perhaps i didn't clarify well enough. those were my votes. you get to all pick 10 of your own favorites. this isn't working well. i suck.

  4. by the way, thanks... that was more awesome than anything ever:)

  5. Check it, I'm doing it right this time:

    the big lebowski
    the blair witch project
    donnie darko
    fight club
    the game
    the matrix (they all count as one)
    nothing to lose
    the passion of christ
    the shawshank redemption

    They're in alphabetical order, not by preference, in case you were wondering. I put 12 'cause there were three i couldn't decide between. I hope that's ok.

  6. You know what else? I think the R-rating is a dumb place to draw a line (since its not inspired, based only on content, and not even intended for adults at all), but I look at my list and there's only a few that I think are actually worth it.

  7. Oh, geez, I almost forgot Swingers. Whew.

  8. this is chris, im too lazy to create an account.

    You forgot my two favorites.

    Shawshank Redemption and Goodwill Hunting

  9. hey, id like to talk. my blogspot is

    anyone who is that into fight club is worth talking to.


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