Saturday, July 24, 2004

pull out of iraq?

yeah, i supported the idea of invading iraq last year. i never really bought into the whole wmd idea. the reason why we went into iraq was to take out saddam. wmd's were just an exuse to go in. the real reason was to take saddam out. looking back (with much clearer hindsight), we should have never gone in. too late now.

so should we pull out our troops now? we've already created a pretty big mess. if we leave now, iraq is going to be left in a pretty cruddy state, which will prolly just lead to bigger problems (though, without saddam, they at least now have a chance for a better nation.) if we stay, well, things might not get all that better. they live in a different world out there. they are not like us. i know this sounds prejudice, but they are uncivilized out there (by our standards). everyone is crying about the treatment and torture of iraqi prisoners, but the actions of these few soldiers is very different from actions of large civilian mobs in iraq.

no matter what, iraq is going to be a rotten place to live. the only way iraq can be helped is if the entire middle east changes... and that's just not going to happen. i think it's time to pull out.

here are some other reasons to pull out.

and these too

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