Sunday, August 22, 2004

starting over

besides an 'a' in my intergrated studies class, this last summer can be characterized as set of failures.

  • i failed to make any money.
  • i failed to get the girl... twice.
  • i failed to get decent attendance in my biology class. (i only made it to three full classes)
  • i failed to socialize as i wanted.

toss in a few more failures and we get how i spent my summer.

hopefully this fall will be better. i'm officially done with my generals and should enjoy my classes much more (besides two a-'s, i've had only a's in my philosophy classes) i'll prolly be working full-time soon. busy as i'll be, i'm sure the social life will pick up. prolly still won't get the girl, but oh well.

1 comment:

  1. Chris says-
    The more you work and go to school, you will find yourself better managing time and being really rich, cuz you have no time to spend the money!


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