Thursday, September 09, 2004

booting and towing

over at provo pulse, there's a post about booting and towing in provo apartments... something that i've had to deal with lately. somebody has also made a booter-watch site to post pictures and stories of fascist booters.

anyways, here's my two stories i posted on provo pulse.

i've been booted twice already at the raintree apartments where i am a resident.

story one.
this was totally not my fault, but my response to the boot was. the temporary pass that was on the back window of my truck fell off in the sun one day. coming back from a friends apartment, i saw the precious boot on the front tire. after calling to get it removed, i found the fallen permit behind my seat. stupid me slaps the permit back on and lies to the boot-lord about it always being on. boot-lord pulls out his video camera, shows there was no permit on when he booted. realizing this was my lesson on "wo unto the liar for they shall pay a $40 fee", i forked up the $40 and got the boot removed.

story two.
this just happened last week. i returned home after work and needed to quickly change my clothes before running some errands. because of the packed parking lot at raintree, i decided to park my car outside my apartment. while it was not in a stall, there are no signs or red painting indicating a no parking zone, neither was i double parked. i chose to park here because people often park here to run in their apartments real quickly. as i got out of my car it was 10:40, i changed and ran back out at 10:45. what did i see? within those few minutes, the boot-lord had already placed a boot on my car (the note he left indicated 10:43).

i argued with the boot-lord about him booting my car so quickly. he bragged about his speed in being able to boot and/or tow a car and said that even though it was a few minutes, it was a fire hazard. somehow his logic was that if i had left my hazard lights blinking, it would have magically not been a firehazard. i asked him how long he'd take to tow if if i didn't pay to get the boot removed. he said it'd be at least two hours. somehow, this boot-lord's logic makes it a dangerous fire hazard for my car to be there for three minutes, but somehow it's ok for him to leave it there for a few hours. basically, the boot-lord was mentally retarded.

i found out after getting my boot removed that the university parking enforcement has a policy that they wait ten minutes before they tow or boot a car. that didn't happen. i should be able to appeal and get my $40 back.

what urks me the most with these boot-lords is that they won't remove the boots without the money... no matter how wrong they are. they make us take the burden of their stupidity and force us to go through a lame (over two-week) appeal process if we want our money back. these guys are taking advantage of poor college students who can't afford to lend $40 to these greedy bastards for a couple weeks.

i wish i knew of your campaign sooner, cuz i would have definitely taken a picture of this mentally handicapped boot-lord.

for those interested i have posted a copy of what i believe is the current provo cide code concerning booting and towing. here's the link

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  1. dude that's awesome that you posted the law on the website it was actually very helpfull - do you know where I can find the Orem City code?


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