Wednesday, September 22, 2004

michael moore is coming to town

oh you better watch out
you better not cry
you better not pout
i'm telling you why
michael moore is coming to town

he made a film
claimed to fact-check it twice
proproganda that makes
bush naughy, not nice

michael moore is coming to town.

well, not unless some uvsc stuents get their chance to censor him. i think it's great that our student body council chose to bring moore in. i don't necessarily agree with him. in fact, i think a lot of his work is full of 'it. he's fat and ugly. fahrneheit 9/11, while interesting, was pure anti-bush propaganda. i haven't seen his other documentaries, so i can't comment on those.

moore is big though (not just in the obese sense). in an election year, i can't think of a bigger (or fatter) speaker to bring in that is not directly involved with one of the presidential candidates. happy valley has had it's share of conserative speakers. that's all that happy valley has had. uvsc wants to bring in someone on the liberal left (albeit far-left) and people want to tar and feather joe vogel (uvsc sbo). i wonder how many of those who want moore out have even seen fahrenheit 9/11.

it's not a money issue. they'll get the money back from ticket-sales. it's not a tax issue. the money comes from student fees, not tax dollars. it shouldn't be an issue of the student body council upsurping students' rights. they're the people the student body voted to make these decisions/ it's a matter of happy valleians being to closed minded to consider letting an opposing view get a chance to speak.

if you disagree with moore. then make sure you're educated and disagree with him...

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