Wednesday, December 22, 2004

'twas the night before the night before the night before christmas

it finally snowed today and i think that might have actually put me in the christmas spirit. i really just haven't been in the christmas mood lately. i think it has largely to do with burning myself out so badly the last month. i also think it's because i haven't really done much this christmas. i haven't done any real donating like i did last year. .. or anything else really.

i've got all day tomorrow off, so hopefully i'll be able to get more much needed rest in and get rid of this stupid cold that hit me yesterday. i should prolly go hit barnes and noble and see if they are doing the gift buying for under-priviledged children again.

i was planning on posted a few of my papers this last semester... or at least the two that others might find interesting, but i accidently erased the finished copies of them, so i'll have to wait until school opens up to get them off my computer there.

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