Sunday, January 30, 2005

new books

i finished eats, shoots, and leaves by lynne truss about a month ago. it was a pretty interesting book. made me think about my punctuation a little more. though, it was quite discomforting to know that someone could be so passionate about commas, apostrophes, and periods. in that period i also finished rene descartes' meditations on first philosophy and sophecles' antigone.

next up is the lord's university: freedom and authority at byu which will explore issues of academic freedom (or the lack thereof) at byu over the past twenty years.


  1. Hey Tyler,

    This is completely off topic, but I'm wondering if you are going to the premiere of This Divided State at UVSV on Thursday. . .

    Here's the info from their website:

    This Divided State will premiere on Febuary 3rd at 8PM at the Utah Valley State College Ragan Theater. Please RSVP via email at or call 801-856-2010.

    Here's the URL:

    I guess it's a documentary about the whole Michael Moore controversy last Fall. . .

  2. yeah. i've got a reserved ticket for it.

    right before that, d. michael quinn will be giving the annual eugene england lecture which i will aslo be attending

  3. So it will be a night of "controversy" all around for you, I guess. In some circles, I think that D. Michael Quinn might be even more unwelcome than Michael Moore. . .I like the subject of his talk, though: "To Whom Shall We Go?": Historical Patterns of Restoration Believers with Serious Doubts. Having read his piece in Sunstone on the 10th anniversary of his ex-communication, I'm not sure he's exactly figured out where he can go himself. I look forward to reading what you think of the lecture and the film.

    By the way, on the UVSC Religious Studies homepage it mentions a Mormon Studies Conference the first weekend in March on Mormonism and Social Justice. That sounds like it should be right up your alley. (And I hadn't realized that UVSC is 90% LDS--for some reason I guess I didn't think it was that high a number.) ("Not that there's anything wrong with that.")

  4. yeah. i'm already planning on attending most of that. there should be some good discussions on blacks in the church and liberation theology

  5. Dear Loyd,
    Just what you need! To read a book that supports all your cynical views of BYU! PERFECT!


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