Tuesday, January 18, 2005

this and that: news from the real

my submission got posted on provopulse.com you can check it out here. it seems the consensus in happy valley is that i'm the anti-christ and am going to hell. check it out and post something.

my professor told me that a minor in religious studies will be available in the next few weeks and that he wanted me to be one of the first students in it. sweet.

my classes are going pretty good. there are some good lookin' ladies and the classes seem like they will be quite exciting and somewhat controversial.


  1. the above comment was apparently made by provojoe. his site is http://pricefamilyforever.typepad.com/

    i actually used to really like him. i thought he was one of the few liberals here in provo that agreed with me on the war in iraq and a whole lotta other issues.

    i guess i just pushed the wrong button or something.

    it's too bad

    sorry for provoking you too much. seriously, it was not intended

  2. Hey Tyler,

    I read the posts & comments at provopulse.com. I'm sorry you ended up getting slammed like that. I might try to go back and add something of my own, but it might be "too late" at this point. I wish I had thought to look at the provopulse.com site over the weekend.

    By the way, I joined the Society for Mormon Philosophy & Theology over a month ago and was even thinking of heading to the Logan conference in March, but have not getten any more info on that (nor has any further info been posted on their website).

    Do you know if the registration process for that has already started? I'll also contact the guy I signed up with (who was at Notre Dame University in Indiana, I think).

    I assume that the conference will be less of a shouting match than what went on at provopulse.com. (^-^)

    Keep the faith, man!

  3. Hey Loyd, I commented on provopulse.com, but I don't know if it even matters now. I could have said a lot more, but I'm late for lab. I'll talk to you later about it. Sorry you got slammed too! My reaction was predictable though, just as it has always been. I agree with some but not with all. You're the greatest! I want to talk soon!

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  5. Tyler,

    this is awesome! - a practicing liberal mormon and Michael Moore fan to boot !! BEAUTIFUL! This is heaven. I have got to read all your stuff -- the contradictions that must be in your head - You are the new John Kerry. I cannot begin to imaging the fights that must go on in your mind and the justifications you go through for your ideology. AMAZING. yes - Count me in for the duration of your blog. Hope you run for office one day.

    mark guymon

  6. mark, i sense some sarcasm here.

    thank you for your ignorant personal attacks.

    may god bless you in your little fluffy world of stupidity.

  7. No way is there sarcasm there Tyler. Thank you for blessing me as I am being swallowed by the stupidity of your words. I see you like to compare yourself to James Talmage, Hugh Nibley etc. so it is apparent that you consider yourself intellectually superior to the masses. I wonder which side of you feels more intelligent, the liberal leftist closet boy or the mormon return missionary ? Enjoy those voices in your head.

  8. Tyler-

    why dont you post something productive along with your ridiculous body counter - say like percentage of iraqis that got to vote or maybe leading candidate. Say hello to michael moore for me and your buddies from moveon.org - of course there is no moveon.org because well we got 4 more years.

  9. What a sad sight to see how a legitimate discussion can break down into ad hominem attacks.
    There are things about the gospel that can and should be discussed. A lively discussion will deepen the convictions that you have, whether you are in the provojoe camp or the tyler durden side.
    Just realize we all share the same goal, at least ostentatiously, to reach life eternal. Whether we go about it by following blindly or questioning everything, we will achieve it if we do the basics.
    Personally, as an anonymous coward, I would prefer to own the knowledge I have of the gospel. Owning knowledge comes from an honest, introspective challenge to the things that are taught to us as Christians of the LDS faith.
    Don't bicker, respect each other, love one another, discussion will help you in whatever you believe.


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