Friday, March 04, 2005

all are alike unto god: mormonism and social justice

i am totally worn out and tired right now, so i won't say too much tonight. i think i'll do a whole summary tomorrow. the mormon studies conference, all are alike unto god: mormonism and social justice, was incredible. besides maybe lynn wardle, i enjoyed every session. in some ways, i felt like i was catching up on the great gospel lessons that haven't been taught in church. even though it was an academic setting, i seriously felt like i finished each session with a total spiritual rush. though some were critical of the institutional and cultural actions in mormonism, with exception of wardle, i left each session with a total gratitude and love for the gospel and a thanksgiving for the opportunity to be a part of it.


  1. Hey there "narrator,"

    I'm looking forward to hearing your extended comments on the conference. It definitely looked like it would be interesting.

    Your comments on Lynn Wardle got me to look up the topic of her presentation: "An LDS Family Law Professor's Perspective on Protecting the Institution of Conjugal Marriage." I hope she spent a lot of time on how little importance it is to many heterosexual couples to bother to get married before the birth of their first child (let alone before having "conjugal" relations). The high divorce rates--especially in the "Red" states--are very troubling as well. Yes, I'm sure topics like those must have been the primary focus of her remarks. . .


    Anyhow, I'm glad you were able to attend the conference--fill us all in soon on what you thought of the presentations.

  2. ciaran, long time no hear. it'll prolly be a a few days before i write up a review of the conference. you can read a little about a couple of the speakers here at the feminist mormon housewives blog. the conferece was a huge success and they are prolly going to publish the presentations. i'll let you know more about it when things happen.

    oh yeah, one more thing. lynn wardle is a male.

  3. ---oh yeah, one more thing. lynn wardle is a male.


    Sorry to be a stranger. I've been way too busy with a few projects to do much more than "lurk" these days. To think that I was actually considering attending the SMPT conference in Logan this weekend-- only a few short weeks ago. I'm glad I never made any firm plans.

    There's always next year I guess--and maybe I'll look more at what UVSC is putting on next year before trying to decide between the two conferences. . .


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