Monday, March 21, 2005

euthanize me

in light of the whole terri schiavo ordeal, i figured it would be best to make my wishes known. i don't want my family taking their drama to federal courts.

kill me.

if i am a vegetable, pull out the feeding tube. let me die. heck, even if i am not a vegetable, if i am to that point where i'm more of a burden than than a little child... kill me. if i need help wiping my butt, kill me. if i have to have my hand held to cross the road, kill me. if i would die if i was left alone to take care of myself, then just let me die.

there. now we can avoid a lot of trouble.


  1. if you're that well off, why not kill yourself?

  2. i don't quite understand you


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