Wednesday, March 16, 2005

new book

up next on my reading list is maxine hanks' women and authority: re-emerging mormon feminism. i'm done with the first couple chapters and it seems like it will be a really interesting read.

the lord's university: freedom and authority at byu was pretty good. the book is set up so that each chapter deal with a different issue of academic freedom at the school. becasue of this there is a lot of overlap in each chapter which sometimes makes the story drag a bit. while reading it, i went frequently switched between anger, sadness, disgust, and humor as each story opened up. i find it quite unfortunate that there are some at byu and in the community who are so pharisaic that they feel they must silence the voices of others at byu. i was especially disgusted with the treatment of feminists at byu by both the students and the administration. the book cuts off in the mid 1990's, so i'm interested in what the state of the school is today with these issues.

i also finished black and mormon by darren smith and newell bringhurst. i'll write more about it when i actually write up my long-promised review of the mormon studies conference


  1. hi, i'm married to a black woman and i wanted to hear your opinion of this book since i am going to be buying it soon. let me know what you thought!


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