Friday, May 06, 2005

amazon delivery day!

just like christmas, but without all that giving crap - it's amazon delivery day!

haunted - chuck palahnkiuk

ripping open the brown wrapping, i found chuck palahniuk's new novel, haunted as well as d. michael quinn's mormon hierarchy: origins of power. thus begins my summer of reading.

stranger than fiction - chuck palahniuk

ok, that's not really where it begins, i celebrated the end of the last semester by reading palahniuk's previous book, stranger than fiction, which was a collection of non-fiction essays he had written between his novels. some of them were rather boring, however others were brilliantly written, illustrating the morbid reality of his and all of our world.

the handmaid's tale - margaret atwood

since my last book update, i also read (for school) women and authority edited by maxine hanks, the handmaid's tale by margaret atwood, bell hook' aint i a woman, hume's an enquiry concerning human understand, leibniz' discourse on metaphysics, and descartes' prolegomena (again).


  1. Sorry about having to read Margaret Atwood. Many of us put her on our "books we wish we never read" list. However enjoy Leibniz. He's one of my favorite philosophers.

  2. D. Michael Quinn? LDS folks only read him for one of two reasons: 'cuz they're angry and want someone to bitch about the Church with them...or because they want to see the "other side of ideas" about the Church. I'm hoping it's not the former, in your case... ~~

  3. sra, i'll take what's in the second door. i read early mormonism and the magic world view right after my mission and ave since enjoyed quinn's works and the insights he brings to mormon history


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