Thursday, May 12, 2005


though the title may seem gruesome, this is not another dark cynical post. it's a brief glimpse at some good in the world.

every couple months or so, my ringing cell phone shows the same phone number: something, dash, four, zero, zero zero. it's the red cross. they're keeping tabs and i'm fresh to squeeze.

though the needle is as thick as my small finger, i don't feel it going in. call me sick, but i oddly enjoy watching it done. maybe it's a safety precaution. by watching what's going on, i'm making sure the needle is going in the right place. don't want to turn around and feel it digging into the side of my neck or some other unwanted place. the real pain is the small prick they make on the end of one of your fingers to test your iron levels. that quick stab that seems to always connect with bone. after, that it's smooth sailing.

when asked why i regulary donate, i usually says its for the juice, fig newtons, and shortbread cookies. sometimes i'll joke that i need it in case i'm driving home from donating, get slammed by a drunk driver, and need it pumped right back into me. other time's i'll play patriotic everyman hero and say, "i'm just doing my part."

the real reason is the people there.

from the sweet old lady at the reception desk, to the assistants, to all the fellow donors, it's a nice break from the world i seem to face at work every day. nobody is complaining about how they should not have to take responsibility for their own actions. nobody is crying to get what they want. nobody is yelling about how the rules don't apply to them. instead, it's just ordinary people. senior women. middle aged men. college students. mothers. uncles. just people like you and me. each of them doing their part. they could be elsewhere. there are plenty of more exciting things to to then fill a bag with your body fluids. but they are there, giving. thinking of others. acting unselfish.

yes, there is some good in the world. little things. little beautiful things that remind us how wonderful this place and people can be.

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  1. Just when I think you've gone off the deep end. You come back with something amazing. Thanks!


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