Thursday, May 26, 2005

reason #168 why i don't like old people

he came in dressed like all the others: pin-striped dress shirt, suspenders, and slacks pulled up to his chest. his wife broke their recently purchased camera and didn't want to take responsibility for it. (the thing wasn't even really broken, it was still fully functional. she just broke a clip on the battery.)

like most electronic stores, we replace defective items, not customer abuse. if you are too old and stupid to change a battery, then find a 3 year old to do it for you.

i didn't tell him that. just told him that we could not replace it and that he would need to contact the manufacturer for options on repair. like all old grumpy people, he began yelling and swearing - loud enough for people across the store to hear every bull and every sh**. he then told me he was going to "get gephardt." yeah, that gephardt. the guy who wants to help everyone shirk their responsibility onto someone else by shoving a camera in someone's face.

seriously, who (besides old grumpy people) actually says that they are going to "get gephardt"?

go home old people. stop being so crabby all the time. just because your lives are so miserable doesn't mean you have to make it that way for everyone else.


  1. I clicked on the KUTV/Gephardt link. More stupid people doing stupid things. (^-^)

    I got a kick out of the May 26 story: "Workers Still Paying Fees To Cash Paychecks." Paycheck? That's so 20th Century! I haven't received a "paycheck" since I started working at a bank in the 1980s. Ever since then, my pay has always been directly deposited into an account--usually available for me to withdraw at least a day ahead of when someone would receive a "paycheck."

    And I never write checks to pay bills anymore either. . .

  2. You who do not like old people.....your time is coming unless you die first. May you experience all of its joys to the fullest degree, and may you be viewed with same disdain as you have by all with whom you come in contact. The arrogance of youth is always humbled by the inevitability of father time You can take that to the bank. And perhaps you did not notice that age has no monopoly on rudeness and bad taste!!!!!!!!!!


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