Friday, May 20, 2005

untitled and uneven thoughts... and more new books

i wanted to get out of work and get back to my apartment until i did.
my place was hot. really hot. not the hotness of opening an oven filled with breads, pies, or other yummies, but the hotness of opening a sun-baked aluminum tool shed. not only was it hot, the air-conditioning apparently doesn’t work either. never a good combination. i guess we were going to find that out that eventually. luckily, i discovered it on a friday night. this way it won’t be working until at least monday.
to make things even more lame, my apartment was empty. again. i’m usually a solitary person. i enjoy being on my own. but like mowing the lawn, cleaning, or any chore, it’s much more enjoyable when done willfully. joe has been away on some stake-out or family vacation the last week and bobby has pretty much been other than here. in total, my apartment’s been inhabited by two conscious beings for maybe an hour or so this last week.
too hot to read or relax. too empty to enjoy it otherwise. i had to get out. i didn’t really feel like doing anything, but i couldn’t stay and do nothing, so i did what anyone in my situation would do – i headed to borders, picked up a couple books (20% off with e-mailed coupon), and drove up the canyon.
the recent rains and spring run-off have really made the mountains beautiful. not quite the green of hawaii or the coasts, but much better than the green of happy valley. the flooding river brought with it a cool breeze and an ambient resonance that far surpasses the sounds of engines and rubber on asphalt. if there were a heaven, it would be a mountain canyon continuously at dusk. i read until the sun had long set and my eyes hurt from straining at the printed pages.
i’m back now. it’s still hot – forcing me onto the balcony with my laptop. it’s still empty – forcing me to put my thoughts into print. but it’s relaxing now. i guess i just needed a little getting away to get back into sync.

for certain reasons only some of you may know, i’m going to put quinn’s mormon hierarchy aside for a while. in its place i’ve got evil: a primer, by william hart. it’s a philosophical look at the notion of evil over the last several thousand years.
real ultimate power : the offical ninja source book - robert hamburger
for kicks, i’ve also added real ultimate power: the official ninja book, which is an outgrowth of the real ultimate power website – which is awesome. and by awesome, i mean totally sweet. so sweet that i want to crap my pants.
finally, now that i’ve got more time on my hand, i’ve noticed that this site has gotten a bit more personal – though cryptic at times. i remember someone complained when i stopped talking about my personal life on here. we’ll see how it goes. i refuse to talk about relationships again though. that never ends up good.

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