Wednesday, June 22, 2005

loyd and derek's excellent adventure

according to the biologist edward o. wilson, we as humans feel more at peace in nature because that has been the habitat for us through 95% of our human existance. for only a small part of our habitation of the earth, have we been living in this concrete and steel world that we've created. though sometimes the city may be comforting and accommodating, it's in nature where we truly feel peacefully at rest.

taking wilson's advice, derek and i headed up provo canyon and hiked to stewart's cascades. the weather was perfect with a nice drizzle of rain (though we never got the downpour i was hoping for). alongside the trail, everything was full of green and other bright colors. a sharp contrast to the black, grey, and brown of happy valley. snow packs and shredded and broken trees marked the paths of several avalanches that ripped apart some parts of the forest. even through the destruction caused by the snow, there was a brilliant level of tranquility that can't be found among our ruins of concrete and asphalt.


arriving back among our manufactured surroundings, i was quickly reminded of how much better nature is. we pulled into the mcdonald's drive-thru and i think the girl there called me a dick for no reason at all. how rude.


though i have recently lost a lot of weight, everytime i see a picture of myself, i am reminded of my mom writing me on my mission and telling me that my face is round. i think she gave me a complex. that's why i rarely smile in photos. it makes my face rounder.


  1. I like the photo of you & Derek in front of the falls looking in opposite directions. I've got to try to get me some nice "nature time" this summer.

    So when will we get to be let in on "The Narrator's Amazing Weight Loss Plan"?

  2. thanks, i really need to work on my poses though. not gonna get that modeling job loooking like that.

    the weight loss plan is simple. you spend the last two weeks of a semester with little or no sleep. this puts you in a constant state of nausea, which makes you not want to eat. eventually your stomache and appetite gets messed up enough that you find yourself rarely hungry. when you aren't hungry, you don't eat much. when the food intake begins to fade, so does the weight.

  3. Wow. those guys in the pictures are like, the hottest guys on the planet. How do I get in touch with white guy? I could take him on some excellent adventures.

  4. Hey umm, that weight loss plan doesn't sound so healthy dude. That's bad advice. If someone wants to lose weight, they need to get off their ass and excersise. I have no sympathy for overweight people in this country.


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