Saturday, June 18, 2005


just finished watching taxi driver with my buddy derek. decided i need to be more optimistic about humanity today, or else i might end up stocking up on guns and killing a bunch of pimps.

over at by common consent, there is an interesting discussion of historicity in mormonism. dennis potter has some interesting ideas that have been floating aroudn in my head for the past couple years. he articulates them much better though. check out round one and round two.

i think i'm going to try attending all three days of the sunstone symposium this year. my first sunstone was last year and i really enjoyed it, though i felt young there - very young. july 27th-29th. students are free.

nine inch nails is coming to salt lake on october 4th. last time they were in town was the night before i got home from my mission. missed them by that much. not gonna happen this year.

time for bed.

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