Tuesday, July 26, 2005

financial aid update

slim to none.

those are my chances of being awarded work-study dollars. i went to the financial aid department at school today to find out what happened and if there was anyway of still getting it. apparently, work-study is awarded on a first-come-first-served basis. it doesn't matter what department they are in. it doesn't matter if they have been specifically requested to do some work for a professor. all that matters is that they requested it soon. so if a bunch of trade students training to be car-monkeys apply first, then they get the money. if a professor in the philosophy or english department needs a hand, then that's who they get to pick from.

ridiculous. i know.

i'm not sure how soon i needed to apply. i figured that march, when applications became available, was soon enough. i guess not.

so right now i'm on a waiting list with my chances of getting an award being next to zero. the financial aid advisor told me that my only real option would be to be hired as an hourly by the department. i'll be seeing my professor in a couple days at the sunstone symposium, so i'll see what he thinks.

if all fails, i've still got enough financial aid to carry me for a while. i may get a part-time job to get me some play money later on. maybe i'll finally get that ever-elusive barnes and noble job.

there is always something to be happy about. my last day at compusa will be in 16 days.

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