Sunday, July 31, 2005

my life as stories

if there was any central theme that seemed to bounce around my mind during this year's sunstone, it had to deal with my life as an ongoing narrative.

i am made up of stories. stories of my childhood, youth, mission, college years, church experiences, social experiences, educational experiences, and others. each story is a part of me that i cannot escape. they make me what i am today. what i am today is an ongoing narrative. the story changes every minute. with every thought, experience, observation, insight, and knowledge i gain, my current narrative changes. not only does my current story change, but each of the stories of my past gains a slightly new meaning. like a giant web, each is interconnected and slightly changes with every moment of my life.

what is important for me is how i react to each story of my life and how i try to expand my current narrative. am i going to learn from my mistakes. am i going to be true to what io know of my narrative.

there is no single story that tells of who i am. they can only tell of what i was. i cannot escape the narrative of my past. i will always have it with me. however, i am not bound to who i will be. that page and chapter will forever be unwritten.

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