Thursday, July 28, 2005

sunstone day 1

i'll probably hold back my thoughts on certain sessions until it's all over (if i write anything about them). like last year, i was one of the few persons under the age of 93 in attendance.

the highlight for today had to be alex caldiero's poetry reading during the evening's plenary session. wow. and by wow, i mean oh hell yeah! his poems and how he read them totally fired me up. i wanted to stand and cheer him on when he was finished.

unfortunately, alex's poems were followed by a quite boring presentation by gregory prince about david o. mckay. i tried to be interested, but found myself squirming like a little child a few minutes into his paper. perhaps, being surrounded by so many old people forced my childhood out of me. for a few minutes it got interesting as he discussed mckay's struggle with the black priesthood policy, but that was quickly dowsed when he returned to speaking about buildings.

tomorrow's and saturday's sessions look like they will be fun. alex caldiero is performing again on saturday. needless to say, i'm excited for that.

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