Friday, August 12, 2005

i am sofa king we todd ed

i had a much longer post planned last night, but i was much too tired to type it all out. now the time has passed and i know longer have the urge to tell it all. to sum it all up, last night i went up to hike bell canyon falls with valerie, tory, and mel. about three quarters of the way up, i discovered that i had a hole in my butt. a hole big enough to fit my key through. instead of making it to the falls we had to turn around, head back in the dark, find ourselves locked out of my car, borrow a cell phone, make some calls, use several cars, find my spare, drive all the way back, and eventually get home much later than planned. end of story.


right now i'm sitting in the guest bedroom of my parents' apartment in virginia. i flew up this morning to spend the weekend with them. because of all that has gone on with me these last several months, i was kinda scared of coming up, but so far everything has been great and i don't think i have anything to worry about. this place is beautifully green and there has been a nice rainfall today. for dinner, my mom made some absolutely delicious veggie curry and then we kicked back and watched napolean dynamite.

now i'm bored. it's midnight here and my parents have crashed, but i'm still in mountain standard time so i feel like it's only 10pm. that means i've got at least 4 more hours 'til my normal sleep time.

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