Wednesday, August 03, 2005

a little optimism to counter the last couple posts

flashing lights behind me are never a good sign. alternating red and blue, they create a disco atmosphere around me. i'm sure the intersection was green. don't think i was driving that fast. what could it have been? whatever it was, i've jinxed myself. i was too happy about having a much cleaner driving record than i thought and put the laws of murphy into effect.

i pull over and go through a checklist in my mind. drivers license. check. registration. check. insurance. check. alibi. check.

the flashing lights fly past and pull over the car in front of me.

here are some other reasons why today was a great day.

picked up a copy of my driving record. only two citations are listed. having recieved twelve traffic violations in my driving career, this was a pleasant surprise.

my professor e-mailed me back about working for him. because i didn't get approved for any work-study, he's going to hire me through the religious studies account.

found a $48 school book online for $17

lunch with val and misty.

dinner with brady.

hanging out with jess.

i must be honest though. today wasn't perfect. fazoli's didn't give us any extra breadsticks. what the hell is the deal with that??? val didn't even get a single stick. normally, i would let something like that ruin my entire week. since the rest of the day was awesome, i'll let it slide this time.


  1. we still going hiking on Sunday? My computer has been dismantled, so i'm writing this at work, and this computer doesn't have messenger. I'll call you to find out for sure. Mel & I are still planning on going. I'm living with my brother in Draper for the next couple of weeks.

  2. i assume this is you tory. yeah, we're going on sunday. the annual bell-canyon falls hike.

    just give me a call

  3. if you boys want to become real men, you need to hike a real mountain. I'm going up everest in a few weeks. see at the top. hahaha

  4. tory, i talked to mike last week. he's not sure if he is going to be able to make it. he thought he might have to work. i called and left a message with him tonight. valerie will be coming up though. we'll prolly just swing by and pick you and mel up in draper.

    give me a call. if you don't have my number email me at


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