Saturday, November 19, 2005

me and joe -bff

best friends forever

we found them!

hanging out

giving directions

busy translating



  1. Is that supposed to be you? You're not that short.

  2. I loved that episode of South Park! In fact that whole season (7?) was great--I keep waiting for it to come out on DVD. I hope they'll do a "commentary" on that particular episode, though.

  3. ciarin, good to hear from ya. the 'all about mormons' episode was fantastic. in my mormon cultural studies class last spring, we watched it and discussed the pro and anti mormon aspects of it.

    compared to last week's episode about scientology, it was very pro-mormon

  4. I missed last week's ep but I think the episode on "Blainetology" (after illusionist David Blaine) probably already showed their dislike of Scientology. After all, L. Ron Hubbard is not one of the "Super Best Friends" but Joseph Smith is. . .

  5. loyd, can you make me a southpark dude? what did you use to make funny, that guy is exactly like you....except short.


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