Tuesday, November 01, 2005

new york doll

just finished watching a screener of new york doll. this touching documentary follows arthur 'killer' kane from his drugged-out days with the new york dolls (who largely fathered both the punk and glamour rock movements) to his days as a service missionary for the los angelas lds family history center, and back again to playing a reunion show with the dolls.

go see it. and when you do, be sure to stick around during the credits to see a beautiful rendition of a poor wayfaring man of grief performed by kane's bandmates.


  1. Dang, I wanted to post about this first. But seriously, it was a really good movie, and everyone should go watch it.

  2. Looks interesting. Too bad it isn't coming to Oregon.

  3. Hi. You don't know me but I was looking on Maggies website and saw your comment and thought I would check out your blog, and then we saw your story of lies, deceit, and finally the arrest....of you.
    And we ( my husband who i read it to), and myself, wanted to tell you that it gave us the best laugh we had had all day.

  4. Hello, you don't know me, but I would like to ask you if I could use some of the pictures taken of the TPing done to the bishopric. These pictures would eventually be placed on my companies future website with your permission.

    Thank you,


  5. eleanor,

    the arrest 4 years ago and last week's drama with my friend-turned-psychotic-druggie-bitch (and subsequent cop-drama) are two different events seperated by several years. as soon as i know things have cooled down, i might write a little bit more about the latter later.

    glad that my misery brought you pleasure ;)

  6. I've heard you tell the story of the arrest in person and you like to entertain. I don't think the arrest was much misery. Or at least not anymore.

  7. much of it was quite miserable at the time, though i might as well make the best of it and get some laughs.

  8. i've been wanting to see this. is it out on dvd yet or what? let me know!

  9. ashley,

    it's opening up in selected cities right now. go to http://newyorkdollmovie.com/ for a list of where it will be playing


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